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Please, visit us on our new blog http://images-1.over-blog.org/

Veröffentlicht am 8. Februar 2011 von team breaking the stereotype

We have started our new project "IMAGES".


Please also visit us on our new project blog  http://images-1.over-blog.org/



End of November 2010 we showed our exhibition in Austria again, at the HBLA Kufstein, a vocational highschool in the Western Austrian Province of The Tyrol.


Enjoy also some of the photos taken there.


Bild1284.jpg    Bild1275.jpg


Bild1282.jpg  Bild1274.jpg














Enjoy some of the photos taken at our conference at Istanbul 2010 Arts Production centre and at our exhibition at St. Georg (Austria Hishschool) in istanbul 23-27 October 2010.



Dsc04336.jpg   Dsc04338.jpg





        Dsc04359   Bild1215.jpg


Bild1218.jpg  Bild1212.jpg


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