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The Conference Proceedings (Table of Contents)

Table of Contents




Editors’ Note






Orient and Occident: Traditional Thinking – Current Consequences – Future Perspectives


Veronika Bernard (Innsbruck and Kufstein/ Austria): Mutual Perceptions – A Look at the 2000-2010 State of East-West Discourse in Germany and Austria


Serhan Oksay (Istanbul/ Turkey): Evolution of the Turkish Culture: From Pastoral Nomadic to Modern Islamic?


Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous (Zouk Mosbeh/ Lebanon): The First Victim of War – Con­sidering Leftist Orientalism in the War Reporting of Richard A. Bermann and John Reed



Cultural Positions


Bassem Kamel (Jounieh/ Lebanon): Edward Said and the Intellectual ‘Intifada’


Dirk Rochtus (Antwerp/ Belgium): Increasing ‘Orientalism’ in Turkish Foreign Policy?


Frank F. Scherer (Toronto/ Canada): Freud’s Turkey: Psychoanalysis and the Vicis­si­tudes of Orientalism


Gernot Wolfram (Kufstein/ Austria): Expected Conflicts? Intercultural Competence Beyond Concepts of Otherness in Event Management in Sports and Culture    



Mechanisms and Targets of Stereotyping


Veronika Bernard (Innsbruck and Kufstein/ Austria): ‘Who am I, and how can I be me?’ – A Desired Europeaness as the Turkish ‘Other’ in Orhan Pamuk’s Writing


Mohamad Masad (Dubai/ UAE): Mutual Stereotypes between Locals and Expatri­a­tes in the UAE


Tina Sleiman (Dubai/ UAE): Altering Perceptions: Exploring how Images Contri­bute to Stereotyping of Arabs



The Media and the General Public


Fatih Okumuş (Amsterdam/ The Netherlands): (In)visibility of Islam in the Public Sphere in Europe


Stephan Sielschott (Marburg/ Germany): On Terrorists and Top Athletes: A Frame-Ana­lysis of Stereotypical Evaluations of Muslims by East German Regional News­papers


Rogier Visser (Amsterdam/ The Netherlands): Censorship and Westernization in Bei­rut: Al-Nahla’s Downfall (Beirut, 1870)


Kutlay Yağmur (Tilburg/ The Netherlands): Ways of Promoting or Blocking Inter­cultural Understanding in the National and Ethnic Media



Journeys between Cultures, Real and Metaphorical


Veronika Bernard (Innsbruck and Kufstein/ Austria): All Evil Comes from the East – A Vampire and the Cholera as the Agents of an (East-born) Threat to Western So­ciety in Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice


Atalay Gündüz (Izmir/ Turkey): Stereotyping and Constructions of the ‘Other’ as ‘Stra­tegies of Symbolic Containment and Risk’ in Travel Writing


Naji Oueijan (Zouk Mosbeh/ Lebanon): Western Travelers and the Orientals




The Editors



The Contributors