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The Archive 3 (The Breaking the Stereotype 2008 panel)

European Migrations



A Panel





co-organized by



Levent Soysal (Kadir Has University)




Veronika Bernard (University of Innsbruck) 



Kadir Has University Cibali Campus


24 October 2008













Vedat Akman (Kadir Has University, Istanbul/ Turkey)



Veronika Bernard (University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck/ Austria)



Levent Soysal (Kadir Has University, Istanbul/ Turkey)



Oskar Terš  (Literatur- und Theaterwerkstätte, Vienna/ Austria)



15:00-15:20 Levent Soysal: Some General Remarks on Migration and Integration


15:20-15:40 Vedat Akman: In the Framework of Free Movement of Persons – EU-Turkey Migration Issue


15:40-16:00 Oskar Terš: Colourful Europe          


16:00-16:20 Veronika Bernard: Stereotypical Images of Germans and Turks in Autobiographically Inspired Texts by Turkish-German Writers


16:20-17:00 Discussion