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Finally: IMAGES project publication 2012 available at bookshops

Veröffentlicht am 4. Juni 2013 von team breaking the stereotype

Our IMAGES (II) - Images of the Poor: The Conference Proceedings will be available at bookshops by mid June 2013


price: Euro 29, 90 





cover photo by veronika bernard




Table of contents


Editors’ Note



Introductory Section

Veronika Bernard (Innsbruck and Kufstein/ Austria) and Serhan Oksay (Istanbul/ Turkey): The IMAGES Project    


Veronika Bernard (Innsbruck and Kufstein/ Austria) and Serhan Oksay (Istanbul/ Turkey): Introduction



Images of the Poor as a Community Issue

Serhan Oksay (Istanbul/ Turkey): Poor of the Faerie Land


Diğdem Sezen (Istanbul/ Turkey): Playing with Problems. How Game Play Can Make us Understand Community Problems and Help us to Solve them


Tonguç İbrahim Sezen (Istanbul/ Turkey): The Representations of Poverty in Digital Games


Savo Fouad Karam (Zouk Mosbeh/ Lebanon): Ameen Fares Rihani’s Perception of the Rich and the Poor



The Relativity of Poverty

Naji Oueijan (Zouk Mosbeh/ Lebanon): Categorization of Rich and Poor


Bann Haweel (Zouk Mosbeh/ Lebanon): Rich and Poor: Borderlines or Meeting Points?


Rita Bou Khalil (Zouk Mosbeh/ Lebanon): The Conquered and the Conqueror 



Images of the Poor in the Arts

Sabiha Göloğlu (Istanbul/ Turkey) and William James Harper (Istan­bul/ Turkey): Images of the Poor in the Surname-i Hü­ma­yun (Imperial Festival Book) of 1582



The Impact of the Media on Images of the Poor

Elisabeth Kapferer (Salzburg/ Austria): Imaging Processes – Pictures of the Poor in Our Minds


Z. Nilüfer Nahya (Istanbul/ Turkey): The Images of Poverty and the Poor in Somalia in the Context of the Aid Campaign in Turkey


Jakub Kościółek (Cracow/ Poland): Africa – the Land of Poverty. The Media’s Distorted View on the Continent



Images of the Poor in Feature Films

Cangül Örnek (Istanbul/ Turkey): The Thin Social Vein in the New Turkish Cinema: The Urban Poor in Tayfun Pirselimoğlu Films


Elżbieta Wiącek (Cracow/ Poland): Poverty – Spécialité de la Maison of Polish Cinema? Strategies and Ideology in the Representation of the Economic Crises in the Films of Polish Directors after the Democratic Transition (1989) until Present


Veronika Bernard (Innsbruck/ Austria): Images of the Poor in Slumdog Millionaire – Stabilizing the Status Quo by Attributing an Aesthetic Quality to Images of the Poor?



Images of the Poor in Literature

Gönül Bakay (Istanbul/ Turkey): Poverty and Crime: The Case of Moll Flanders


Hatice Övgü Tüzün (Istanbul/ Turkey): The Rich and the Poor: Class Dynamics in Wilkie Collins’ The Moonstone


Franziska Jekel (Berlin/ Germany) and Nina Peter (Berlin/ Germany and Bern/ Switzerland): ‘Seeing (the) Eyes of the Other’. Images of the Poor in Charles Baudelaire’s Le Spleen de Paris and Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes


Sinan Dinçer (Leiden/ The Netherlands): ‘Not Made to Rule, but to Subserve’ – Western Perception of the Ottoman Urban Laborers


Vanessa Mouawad (Zouk Mosbeh/ Lebanon): Juhan and Freedom as Wealth



Rear Matter

Editors’ Bios


Contributors’ Bios



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