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The Conference Programme Online and list of registered participants

Veröffentlicht am 8. Oktober 2010 von team breaking the stereotype

update 18-10-2010












Istanbul, October 22 – 26, 2010


İstanbul 2010 Sanat Üretim Merkezi/

Istanbul 2010 Art Production Center

Kadırga Liman Caddesi, Şehsuvarbey Mahallesi No: 82 34130 Kumkapı İstanbul - Turkey







Conference coordinators:


Assoc. Prof. (Privatdozentin) Dr. Veronika Bernard (University of Innsbruck/ Austria)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous (Notre Dame University, Beirut/ Lebanon)






ARRIVAL DAY (Friday, October 22, 2010)


Registration (14.00-15.00)


Cocktail (14.30-15.00)


Opening Session (15.00-16.30)


Welcome: Veronika Bernard (Conference coordinator, University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck/ Austria)

Welcome: Beral Madra (Istanbul 2010 ECOC Agency, Istanbul/ Turkey)

Welcome: Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous (Conference Co-Coordinator, Notre Dame University, Beirut/ Lebanon)


15.30-15.50: Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous (Notre Dame University, Beirut/ Lebanon): Some remarks on Orientalism, Occidentalism, the MENA region and the project “Breaking the Stereotype”

15.50-16.10: Veronika Bernard (University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck/ Austria): The scope of this conference – The Project “Breaking the Stereotype. Oriental and Occidental Stereotypes in the Course of Time”


Culture programme (17.00-18.00): Exhibition Final (Finissage) of “Breaking the Stereotype 2009-2010. From Orient and Occident to a Mutual Understanding of Images” at the Austrian Library at the Austrian St. George’s High-School Istanbul/ St. Georgskolleg Istanbul




DAY 1 (Saturday, October 23, 2010)


Conference coordinator on duty: Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous (morning); Veronika Bernard (afternoon)


Session 1: Panel “Orient and Occident: Traditional Thinking – Current Consequences – Future Perspectives” (10.00-12.30)


Chair: Veronika Bernard



Deniz Bayrakdar (Vize Rector of Kadir Has University and Dean of the Communication Faculty, Kadir Has University, Istanbul/ Turkey): In between the Images of “Istanbul 2010. The European Capital of Culture”

Kutlay Yağmur (Intercultural Education and Linguistics, University of Tilburg, Tilburg/ The Netherlands): Intercultural Education in a European Context

Dirk Rochtus (Lessius University College, Antwerp/ Belgium): Political-historical Aspects



Session 2: Cultural Positions (14.00-16.45)


Chair: Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous


14.00-14.30: Robbert Woltering (University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam/ The Netherlands, Arabic and Political Science): Uses and abuses of Occidentalism

14.30-15.00: Dirk Rochtus (Lessius University College, Antwerp/ Belgium, German Philology and International Relations): Orientalism in Turkish foreign policy

15:00-15.30: Serhan Oksay (Kadir Has University Istanbul): Evolution of the Turkish Culture: From Nomadic to ?


15.30-15.45: Coffee Break


15.45-16.15: Frank F. Scherer ((PhD Candidate, Social and Political Thought Program, York University, Toronto/ Canada): Freud’s Turkey: Psychoanalysis and the Vicissitudes of Orientalism

16.15-16.45: Tuğba Kalafatoğlu (Kadir Has University, Istanbul/ Turkey)/ co-author: Vedat Akman (Kadir Has University, Istanbul/ Turkey, Economics, Social Sciences, European Studies): Globalization is change and its effects in culture




DAY 2 (Sunday, October 24, 2010)


Conference coordinator on duty: Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous


Session 3: Mechanisms and Targets of Stereotyping (10.00-13.00)


Chair: Kutlay Yağmur


10.00-10.30: Vahide Ersü (clinical psychologist, Istanbul/ Turkey): “Identity” and “Self” in the Process of Creating and Breaking the Stereotypes

10.30-11.00: Veronika Bernard (University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck/ Austria, German Literature): “Who am I, and how can I be me?” – A Desired (Stereotypical) Europeaness as the Turkish Other in Orhan Pamuk’s Novels

11.00-11.30: Tina Sleiman (Zayed University, Dubai/ United Arab Emirates, Arts and Design): Altering perceptions: exploring how images contribute to stereotyping of Arabs

11.30-12.00: Mohamad Masad (Zayed University, Dubai/ United Arab Emirates, Humanities and Social Sciences): Mutual stereotypes between Locals and Expatriates in the UAE

12.00-12.30: A. Faruk Yaylacı (Counsellor of Education, Turkish Embassy Brussels/ Belgium): Producing of Stereotypes in Schools

12.30-13.00: Filiz Yaylacı-Göktuna (Anadolu University, Eskişehir/ Turkey, Sociology): Migrants’ stereotypes about Other Migrants: Belgium Case



Optional culture programme Istanbul (afternoon): Walk through the Grand Bazaar and Sultanahmet/ Bosphorus boat trip/ ferry trip to Istanbul’s Anatolian part and walk along the coast towards the Maiden Tower



DAY 3 (Monday, October 25, 2010)


Conference coordinator on duty: Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous


Session 4: The Media and the General Public (09.30-12.30)


Chair: Gernot Wolfram 


09.30-10.00: Kutlay Yağmur (University of Tilburg, Tilburg/ The Netherlands, Intercultural Education and Linguistics): Ways of promoting or blocking intercultural understanding in the media

10.00-10.30: Stephan Sielschott (PHD student, Philipps-Universität Marburg/ Germany): On Terrorists, Artists and Top Athletes or: The Substitution of Everyday Life by the Extraordinary – A Frame-Analysis of Stereotypical Evaluations of Muslims by East German Regional Newspapers

10.30-11.00: Petra Feldmann (PhD candidate, University of Bielefeld/ Germany: Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence): Breaking the Stereotype or Reinforcing the Stereotype? Manifestations of Stereotypes of Muslim Women in German Media Discourse

11.00-11.30: Fatih Okumuş (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Amsterdam/ The Netherlands, Theology): (In)visibility of Islam in the public sphere in Europe

11.30-12.00: Rogier Visser (PHD student, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam/ The Netherlands): Censorship and Westernization in Beirut: al-Nahla's downfall (Beirut, 1870)

12.00-12.30: Vincent Platenkamp (NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences)/ co-author: Ariane Portegies (NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences): Breaking the Silence. Creating Spaces for Enriched Knowledge



Session 5: The Power of Non-Identity (14.20-17.50)


Chair: Dirk Rochtus


14:20-14:40: Nicolien Zuijdgeest (Arabist; journalist; diversity trainer) and Herbert Minderhoud (clinical psychologist; diversity trainer): The Power of Non-Identity. Introductory remarks


14:40-14.50: Coffee Break


14:50-17:50: Nicolien Zuijdgeest and Herbert Minderhoud: The Power of Non-Identity. The Interactive Workshop Session




DAY 4 (Tuesday, October 26, 2010)


Conference coordinator on duty: Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous (morning), Veronika Bernard (afternoon)


Session 6: Projects of intercultural effort (10.00-11.10)


Chair: Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous


10.00-10.40: Paola Scardella (National Institute for Health, Migration and Poverty, Rome/ Italy): Between North and South: overcoming the barriers plus book presentation “Lampedusa. Gateway to Europe”

10.40-11.10: Vedat Akman (Kadir Has University/ Istanbul/ Turkey, Economics, Social Sciences and European Studies)/ co-author: Uğur Özgöker (Kadir Has University, Istanbul/ Turkey, Economics, Social Sciences, European Studies): Istanbul Crossroads: Establishing Mutual Understanding and Intercultural Dialogue through Immigration Themed Short Films





Session 7: Journeys between Cultures, Real and Metaphorical (11.10-12.10, 13.30-15.30)


Chair: Robbert Woltering


11.10-11.40: Naji Oueijan (Notre Dame University of Beirut, English literature): Western Travelers and the Orientals

11.40-12.10: Atalay Gündüz (Ege University, Izmir/ Turkey, English Language and Literature): Stereotyping and Constructions of the Other as “Strategies of Symbolic Containment and Risk” in Travel Writing



13.30-14.00: Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous (Notre Dame University, Beirut/ Lebanon, Political Science): The First Victim of War – Comparing Orientalism in the War Reporting of Richard A. Bermann and John Reed

14.00-14.30: Olcay Akyıldız (Boğaziçi University, Istanbul/ Turkey; Turkish Literature): Why do authors make imaginary journeys?

14.30-15.00: H. Hümeyra Sahin (Ph.D. student, University of London, London/ UK): Literature as a Stereotype-Generating and -Feeding Mechanism and the Orient-Occident Imagery in 19th Century Ottoman Novels



Closing Remarks (Conference Coordinators)




List of conference participants




Vedat Akman

Ibrahim Akbulut

Denis Bayrakdar

Veronika Bernard (organizer)

Rouba Doueihy

Vahide Ersü

Petra Feldmann

Atalay Gündüz

Hala Halaoui

Bassem Kamel

Tugba Kalafatoglu

Beral Madra (Istanbul 2010)

Mohammed Masad

Herbert Minderhout

Serhan Oksay

Fatih Okumus

Vincent Platenkamp

Ariana Portegies

Naji Queijan

Dirk Rochtus

Hümeyra Sahin

Paola Scardella

Frank Scherer

Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous (organizer)

Staphan Sielschott

Hadia Sfeir

Tina Sleiman

Rogier Visser

Kutlay Yagmur

Nicoline Zuijdgeest






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