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Selected exhibits - The Upcoming 2009-2010 Exhibition

Veröffentlicht am 12. Oktober 2009 von team breaking the stereotype

Get inspired to visit our exhibition by viewing this selection of exhibits ...

list of selected exhibits (in the order of their appearance in this article):

(1) nudity: european self-perception

(2) the barbie: european auto-stereotyping of women

(3) stereotyping of western women in lebanese adverts

(4) allegories of european stereotyping of oriental female position

(5) men and women

(6) - (7) the headscarf: oriental self-perception vs european     stereotyping

(8) - (9) the oriental and the occidental: stereotyping views of the other

(10) freedom: lebanese self-perception

(11) - (12) Istanbul: self-perception vs stereotyping view                         









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